Coca-Cola and Riedel launch ‘optimal’ glass for drinking Coke

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 28th July 2014
Coca-Cola and Riedel launch 'optimal' glass for drinking Coke
Coca-Cola and Riedel launch ‘optimal’ glass for drinking Coke

Global beverage giant Coca-Cola has teamed up with premium glassware manufacturer, Riedel, to develop the Coca-Cola + Riedel Glass, inspired by the original iconic Coke contour, which they say will “deliver the optimal Coca-Cola experience in both taste and sound”.

Coca-Cola said a “sensory workshop” was conducted with top flavour experts, who sampled the drink from many differently shaped prototypes. This is the same process by which Riedel develops all their glasses. Coca-Cola said workshop attendees unanimously agreed that the Coca-Cola + Riedel Glass provided “the optimal Coke experience”.

The Riedel brand is known for being the first Company to explore the way the flavour of wine is affected by the shape of the glass from which it is consumed. It introduced a “wine friendly” glass, the Burgundy Grand Cru, in 1958 and a mouth-blown Sommeliers collection in 1973. Riedel’s design-focused decanters, various stemware lines, and stemless “O” collections have been selected for display at the Museum of Modern Art, Corning Museum of Glass, San Francisco MOMA and more.

Coca-Cola said that factors such as the shape of the glass in which Coke is served can affect the final taste.

“The perfect serve is unique to the individual and may differ greatly from person to person,” said Antoinette Tyrrell, Marketing Manager Coca-Cola South Pacific. “The whole experience of enjoying a refreshing Coke is about your own ritual and tastes. Coke lends itself perfectly to an array of occasions from a citrus accent to a dollop of ice-cream and can be enjoyed anywhere in the world,” she said.

“When you think about all the different options, there is a perfect Coke-combination out there for everyone and the Coca-Cola + Riedel Glass offers consumers one more way to enjoy Coca-Cola,” Ms Tyrrell said.

Coca-Cola said the notion of the “perfect serve” of the iconic beverage had been explored by the Company throughout the brand’s history. According to Coca-Cola, the perfect serve of Coke consists of four different factors:

  • Temperature: Served at 3ºc, served over ice. The perfect way to keep the drink carbonated is over large cubes of ice
  • How it’s consumed: the best taste comes from Coke served in the perfect contour vessel –the Coca-Cola + Riedel Glass
  • The ritual: everyone has their own way to prepare Coke. A consumer’s own ritual that makes the drink special to them
  • The environment: The atmosphere and surroundings have a lot to do with the Coke being consumed, according to Coca-Cola.

“We are excited to unite our two category-leading brands in such a complementary way,” said  Brad Fields, Global Drinkware Manager for The Coca-Cola Company. “We were intimately involved in the creation of this glass with Riedel and understand how vessel shape can positively affect the enjoyment of Coca-Cola. We want everyone to experience it for themselves,” he said.

The Coca-Cola + Riedel Glass is available for sale at a RRP of $39.95 for a single glass or $49.95 for two at the Riedel Glass website and in-store at David Jones, Myer and select homewares stores.