MAURI anz: George Weston Foods’ Weston Milling and AB Mauri merge

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 1st September 2014
Newly formed Mauri anz comes from the merger of Weston Milling (George Weston Foods) and AB Mauri
Newly formed Mauri anz comes from the merger of Weston Milling (George Weston Foods) and AB Mauri

George Weston Foods (GWF) has announced the merger of its Weston Milling business with AB Mauri’s Australia & New Zealand operations.  

Effective from today, the new entity launches as MAURI anz, a division of GWF and an affiliate of the global AB Mauri business (both of which are divisions of Associated British Foods).

The strategic move represents a significant investment locally and brings to market a full service bakery ingredients business with comprehensive product, research, innovation, technology, production and distribution capabilities. The merger also positions the new MAURI anz strongly for future growth and innovation.

“This is an exciting stage in our growth.  Building an integrated bakery ingredients business in Australia has been a long-term objective as a means to offer something very unique and compelling in the category, for the baker – big and small,” said Andrew Reeves, Chief Executive of George Weston Foods.

“The merger affords us the opportunity to help drive best practice, leverage the combined scale, access global expertise and in turn build the local category,” said Mr Reeves.

The merger sees former George Weston Foods Chief Financial Officer, David Wallace promoted to the position of Managing Director, MAURI anz.

“We are delighted to appoint David Wallace as Managing Director of MAURI anz. This is a great example of George Weston Foods’ strong commitment to fostering talent and growing our own leaders. David has extensive experience in the food and beverage and manufacturing industries and we look forward to seeing David make MAURI anz a great success,” said Mr Reeves.

“It’s an exciting time to be part of and lead the MAURI anz team,” said Mr Wallace. “We’ve designed the new MAURI anz to create value for our customers that fundamentally helps them gain competitive advantage and achieve business growth. Our new offering enables us to work closely with all types of bakers large and small.  Doing business with MAURI anz has been made simple, collaborative and efficient.”

“We have communicated with our customers about the newly formed MAURI anz and the feedback has been positive. While we are still new, we prepare ourselves for learning along the way, but mostly we look forward to creating a successful and exciting future for both ourselves and our customers,” Mr Wallace concluded.

Innovation and technology are the cornerstones of the MAURI anz offering. Customers now have access to innovation benchstrength and new technologies on a global level via the AB Mauri affiliation.

Dedicated technical and service account teams will be assigned to and work with all MAURI anz customers creating customised solutions across processes, technology and ingredients.  The current suite of bakery ingredients and brands historically available through Weston Milling and AB Mauri remain available to customers.

About George Weston Foods

George Weston Foods is a wholly owned subsidiary of Associated British Foods Plc – one of the world’s leading food companies. George Weston Foods has been operating for over 50 years and has grown to become one of Australia and New Zealand’s largest food manufacturers, employing around 6,500 employees across 60 sites.

George Weston Foods is structured into four businesses in Australia and New Zealand. These businesses, including Tip Top, Don KRC, the newly formed MAURI anz and Jasol, are responsible for a range of activities including innovating, manufacturing, marketing, selling and distributing products.