Valuable information on optimum efficiency and cost effectiveness for factories and buildings

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 25th May 2015

A new event dedicated to the energy storage sector is offering delegates access to cutting edge technology on supply and storage solutions from world leading innovators.Energy conf pic

It is only a few weeks until the Australian Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition opens. To be held for the first time at Australian Technology Park in Sydney, 3 – 4 June 2015, the two day conference and exhibition addresses energy storage solutions at all levels, and feature more than 50 experts from all over Australia and the world.

In solars lifetime, no greater opportunity exists than affordable, scalable battery storage; and in the utility’s lifetime, no greater challenge. Speaking on day two of the conference, Duncan Macgregor the APAC Product Trainer & Field Applications Engineer from Enphase Energy will explore the battery storage and energy management solutions currently and soon to be in market, including the Enphase highly anticipated AC Battery, which made global industry news when it was announced in October 2014.

On-grid energy storage is a growing market worldwide. Another speaker, Rod Scott, Sales and Marketing Director, from Selectronic Australia will be discussing innovations that help drive demands for energy storage on day two of the conference.  Rod says “there are various drivers and requirements which can differ between countries. The topology and characteristics of the grid can also vary between countries and as such they require different outcomes”.

Rod concludes “so what makes the Australian Electricity grid different to the European grid and what does this mean for energy storage systems installed here? Extreme environmental challenges like heat and humidity can also effect the performance and longevity of an energy storage system. Do all these challenges and big variations along with our local knowledge make Australia the ideal test bed for global energy storage solutions? This will be discussed at the conference session at 11.50am stream one, along with supporting case studies”.

Rod will also discuss details of the ARENA funded CSIRO Virtual Power Station project during his session. This project will be a pilot-scale testing of load, generation and energy storage coordination.

Bruce Smith, Managing Director from Flow-Ice follows on from this session with information on Thermal Energy Storage (TES) and Load Shifting to enable power savings during normal operating hours when tariffs are higher. The systems are fully scalable and can be powered conventionally or via solar, biomass, wind or virtually any other energy source. This lends itself very much to stand alone applications in remote locations, resorts, and processing plants. Where necessary, the systems can be supplied in modular form in standard shipping containers.

Companies that use large amounts of energy in manufacturing and production will gain valuable information on optimum efficiency and cost effectiveness for their factories and buildings at the Australian Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition.

Readers of Australian Food News are able to book a ticket for the conference at a 10% discounted rate. The exhibition and workshops are free to attend.

For information on attending the conference or media enquiries please contact Cristina Neagu on +61 2 9556 8847 Email