Same day test for beer spoilage organisms

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 25th May 2015

Beer spoilage microorganisms are of major concern to most breweries. Negative effects of beer spoilage include off taste, off smells, and visual faults such as turbidity.Brewpal-clear cut

NEW brewPAL™ — powered by Veriflow® from Invisible Sentinel delivers an ultra-sensitive and user-friendly method for brewers to detect and monitor levels of the major culprits of beer spoilage.

In under 3 hours, the brewPAL™ can be used to analyze in-process beer for Pediococcus and Lactobacillus from post-boil to bottling. The test is simple to use and the equipment has a small footprint, making this product suitable for any size brewery or lab.

brewPAL™ allows for the sensitivity of real-time PCR tests, but with the ease of use associated with flow-based assays.  brewPAL™ is the next generation in powerful diagnostic tools to help beer artisans cost-effectively improve the quality of their products.

brewPAL™ is available in Australia from Australasian Medical & Scientific Ltd. For further information please visit