Krispy Kreme releases ‘Decadent Desserts’ without 7-Eleven

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 1st July 2015

Krispy KremeDespite convenience store 7-Eleven operating as a major distributor of Krispy Kreme in Australia, Krispy Kreme is promoting its own standalone stores and website ordering through the releasing of a new ‘decadent desserts’ range not sold at the convenience store.

The new line is inspired by a variety of desserts and includes the following flavours:

Lemon Meringue: The Lemon Meringue doughnut contains lemon filling in the middle and torched meringue on top. It is described as being sweet and tangy.

Tiramisu: An original glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut is topped with coffee flavoured icing, chocolate flakes and chocolate ganache. Inside, tiramisu flavoured cream has been added.

Black Forest: Contains raspberry chocolate cream in the middle and chocolate ganache icing on top along with white chocolate truffle swirls plus a glaced cherry.

New York Cheesecake: This doughnut is filled with cream cheese and white chocolate truffle icing is included on top. Biscuit crumbs are placed around the edge.

The doughnuts can  be brought in stand-alone Krispy Kreme stores or online until the 7th August 2015.

Krispy Kreme ‘decadent doughnuts’ retail at $23.50 for a box of 12.

Krispy Kreme Australia

Krispy Kreme started in Australia in 2003, but by the end of 2010, the global brand was caught up in a voluntary administration. Nonetheless the brand has re-established its reputation and is still popular, despite a reduction in the numbers of standalone stores a few years back.