Aldi issues ‘Supermarket Switch’ challenge in clever marketing campaign

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 17th August 2015

SupermarketAldi supermarkets are issuing a challenge to Australian shoppers in an advertising campaign called the ‘Supermarket Switch’.

The Aldi TV campaign begins by identifying problems but the tension builds into the campaign as viewers see whether Aldi can win them over.

The Supermarket Switch campaign is based around a series of television advertisements where an existing Aldi shopper tries to convert a non-Aldi shopper over to Aldi.

Aldi is using the campaign to address a number of common misconceptions and perceived issues  about shopping at its stores. In one commercial an ‘Aldi sceptic’ expresses confusion as to why the supermarket sells paint. In a follow up advertisement he talks about not knowing where anything is when he enters a Aldi shop for the first time.

In another advertisement featuring two female friends, one is a self-proclaimed “huge Aldi fan” whilst the other states “it’s cheap, that’s my opinion of it”. She goes on to say “it’s warehouse-ey cold”.

The remainder of the campaign will revolve around whether the Aldi shoppers can convert over the Aldi sceptics and address their concerns.

The television advertisements are also accompanied by a dedicated ‘Supermarket Switch’ section on the Aldi website which list benefits of shopping with the chain. Benefits listed include  customers gaining access to sustainable seafood and battery recycling services.

Australian Food News has previously reported that Aldi’s expansion plans would include expanding into South Australia and Western Australia.