Same day Alicyclobacillus test for fruit juice and concentrates

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 28th September 2015

Alicyclobacillus (ACB) species are bacteria which are resistant to low pH and pasteurisation. They produce off-flavour and aroma compounds that spoil juice products.

Current methods for ACB testing are laborious and require over 7 days to yield definitive results. These limitations make it impossible to address these spoilage organisms in real-time, and can result in facility contamination, product holds, or recall of tainted products.cassette_positive

Invisible Sentinel Inc., a global molecular solutions company, has partnered with Refresco Gerber, an international bottler of juice and soft drinks, to produce and validate a new method for rapid detection of ACB.

The new test, Veriflow® ACB, uses novel PCR technology to provide a simple method which yields qualitative and quantitative results in less than 3 hours. The test requires a minimal amount of equipment and hands-on time, meaning the test can be easily used on site.

“We are continuously working to provide our clients with the highest quality standards in the industry,” said Andrew Prewer, Raw Materials Technical Manager at Refresco Gerber UK. “We partnered with Invisible Sentinel on Veriflow® ACB to improve quality control and maintain product integrity, assuring that packaged products leaving our facilities are of the highest possible taste and freshness.”

Veriflow® ACB is available in Australia from Australasian Medical and Scientific Limited. For further information please contact 02 9882 3666 or visit