Cleaver’s meat goes ‘paleo’ in Australian supermarket campaign

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 28th October 2015

PaleoOrganic meat company Cleaver’s is now selling new sausage and beef burger options as part of its ‘paleo range’ for Australian supermarkets.


Cleaver’s paleo products were first launched earlier in 2015 but the Australian meat producer says it is expanding the range due to its popularity.


The paleo diet is based around eating whole foods such as meat, vegetable, nuts and fruit whilst cutting out processed and dairy foods.


Cleaver’s paleo meats campaign has been created in conjunction with celebrity chef and paleo diet advocate, Pete Evans.


Cleaver’s paleo range now includes the following products:


  • Organic Beef Sausage


  • Organic Honey Beef Chipolatas


  • Chilli Pork Sausages (free range)


  • Pork Sausages (free range)


  • Organic Beef Burgers


  • Organic Tomato Beef Burgers


The promotion highlights that all the meat is Australian and contains no preservatives, grain or soy.


The campaign says Cleaver’s paleo meats range is available from both Coles and Woolworth with a recommended retail price of AUD$8.99 for a stock package in each product category.


About Cleaver’s Meat


Cleaver’s Meat is an Australian company founded in 1998 by a Sydney run butcher store. It promotes itself as grass fed and free raised meat. Cleaver’s say on their website that the livestock from which the meat is derived is never treated with any synthetic chemicals, antibiotics or hormones.


Australia has the highest rate of organically farmed land 


A Bond University academic, Professor Tor Hundloe, told the Queensland Country Hour that his recent research has revealed that Australia has the highest rate of organically farmed land.

He also said Australia has current land which has the potential to be converted to organic farming land.