Coca Cola introduces water enhancer versions of new Powerade and Pump water branded products

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 21st December 2015

Powerade PumpCoca-Cola South Pacific has launched two new products in Australia, ‘Powerade Sports Drops’ and ‘Pump Drops’.


Both products come in small containers which dispense drops of either Powerade drink concentrate or ‘zero sugar’ Pump branded flavouring designed to be added to water.


Powerade Sport Drops come in 88.7ml containers and are available in two flavours, Mountain Blast and Berry Ice. Each container makes 22 servings using a standard sized drink bottle. Coca-Cola South Pacific says the drops contain electrolytes to help with rehydration.


The Pump Drops come in a 56ml container and three flavours which are strawberry kiwi, pineapple coconut and mixed berries. Each container makes 30 servings using a standard sized drink bottle. Coca-Cola South Pacific says the product is targeted at 18 – 34 year olds who are health conscious but want something more than plain water.


Both products are being promoted largely through point-of-purchase activities.


Coca-Cola South Pacific says it decided to launch the new water enhancers in Australia after a successful introduction of the products in the US.


Powerade Sports Drops and Pump Drops are available now in Coles and Caltex petrol stations. Coca-Cola South Pacific expects the drops will be available in other supermarkets, petrol and convenience stores across Australia in early 2016.  The recommended retail price for each product is AUD$5.00.


Some commentators have described the notion of a ‘water enhancer’ as a fancy name for a syrup or cordial in a drop dispenser. However, these products have a more sophisticated composition beyond flavouring and sweetening substance.