Hans Continental launches new deli meats range produced with olive oil

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 8th February 2016

HansHans Continental is now selling a new range of deli meats produced with olive oil.


The “Oliving by Hans” range is made using Greek olive oil and less saturated animal fat.


Company spokesperson, Mirabel Rosar, said the range is a response to Australians who want healthier food without sacrificing taste.


“The launch of Hans Oliving is a real milestone for our company and an exciting addition to our product range,” said Rosar.


Australian tennis player Lleyton Hewitt and his actress wife Bec Hewitt are spokespersons for the meat products.


The range includes the following options (recommended retail prices included)




  • Hans Oliving Traditional Ham: $24.00 /kg
  • Hans Oliving Mild Twiggy Sticks: $30.00 /kg
  • Hans Oliving Hot Twiggy Sticks: $30.00 /kg
  • Hans Oliving Devon: $7.30 /kg




  • Hans Oliving Sliced Naturally Smoked Ham 100g: $4.40 /pkt
  • Hans Oliving Sliced Traditional Ham 100g: $4.40 /pkt
  • Hans Oliving Sliced Gypsy Ham 100g: $4.40 /pkt
  • Hans Oliving Sliced Hungarian Salami 100g: $4.40 /pkt
  • Hans Oliving Sliced Peperilli Salami 100g: $4.40 /pkt
  • Hans Oliving Sliced Pizza Salami 100g: $4.40 /pkt
  • Hans Oliving Kransky 250g: $7.15 /pkt
  • Hans Oliving Cheese Kransky 250g: $7.15 /pkt
  • Hans Oliving Chorizo 250g: $7.15 /pkt
  • Hans Oliving Strassburg 500g: $6.55 /pkt
  • Hans Oliving Polish 500g: $6.55 /pkt
  • Hans Oliving Rindless Pan-Sized Bacon 300g: $6.50 /pkt
  • Hans Oliving Mild Twiggy Sticks 200g: $6.60 /pkt


The range is available now in Coles, Woolworths and IGA stores.


About Hans Continental


Hans Continental was established over 50 years ago in Brisbane, Queensland. Primo Smallgoods, Australia’s largest meat processor, acquired Hans Continental in 2009. The Australian arm of JBS, the world’s largest meat processor which is located in Brazil, acquired Primo Smallgoods in 2014.