Supermarket marketing suffers petrol setback in Victoria

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 22nd February 2016

PetrolThe Victorian Government yesterday announced its intention to change market practices and diminish misleading petrol price advertising involving supermarkets.


From a yet to be announced date in 2016, all Victorian petrol stations must show the full, un-discounted price of fuel on main large outdoor advertising signs.


Currently Victorian petrol stations can advertise any discounted price available to drivers with an accepted supermarket receipt. The discount system is widely used by Woolworths Caltex petrol stations and Coles Shell petrol stations. In Victoria.


Victorian Minister of Consumer Affairs, Jane Garrett, told Fairfax that the government is not trying to stop discounts, it is just trying to prevent consumers being misled.


Fines of AUD$3000 will be issued to petrol stations that advertise the discounted price after the new laws come into effect.


New South Wales and South Australian state governments introduced similar laws in 2013. Queensland banned the practice in September 2015.