The Benefits of Non-destructive Package Leak Testing

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 24th February 2016

Over the past 2 decades, package integrity testing has become more reliable. When it comes to package analysis, high “reliability” is considered the key factor to statistical quality control thus cannot be overlooked.

The ability to detect packaging leaks is essential for ensuring the quality and consistency of food and pharmaceutics. Besides obvious package defect, non-visible leakage must also be identified. Testing of consumer packaged products can be a qualitative or quantitative procedure._DSC1443

Non-destructive package leak testing offers many benefits for businesses, including saving money and time. This is because the package is not destroyed when testing. For companies that use these leak detection systems to test food packaging, the benefits are numerous. Here are some of the benefits of non-destructive package leak testing. The SealTick Leak Testers adopt vacuum decay method to test properties to provide quantitative (numerical) results.

Packaging Validation and Cost Effective

Packaging validation plays a vital role in the process of bringing quality pharmaceutical and food products to market. Apart from selecting the appropriated package material, design, and qualifying equipment, validating sealing process and conducting sample test are indispensable. Traditional method to have operator squeeze a package underwater to detect and find any bubbles escaping though the leak. This is a destructive test that the soaked package cannot be back on production line after testing. It also can be inaccurate testing due to human factors and is time consuming. Package validation is reliable with non-destructive package leak testing, using vacuum decay testing method. The non-destructive flexible pressure decay chamber developed by Sealtick allows higher testing vacuum without affecting the package and its contents. The SealTick Leak Detector keeps the passing products dry, clean and ready to be put back on the shelf.

Non-destructive Package Testing Permits Automation

As traditional destructive package leak testing requires human observation for bubbles coming out of the water bath tester, accuracy and efficiency are much lowered by the manual operation. SealTick underwater integrity leak tester as well as the flexible dry chamber leak systems enable automatic testing and displaying of results all to be completed in 5-20 seconds (depends on the settings and size of the package). Lid closure initiates the test and a digital panel along with LED lights indicate the testing results and log details for later use. SealTick non-destructive leak testers are the smart and sufficient solutions to satisfy your automated offline package leak testing requirements.

Data Is Easier to Interpret

Many of the destructive testing methods have been proven to be inconsistent, unreliable and are often difficult for the operator to execute under unified conditions. The data is difficult to interpret and kept due to the loss of tested product or damage made to the package. In addition, because of the unreliability of the results, the company can never be 100% sure about the quality of the packages and what adjustment is required to the packing line. In food industry, quality and time are gold to manufacturers, using non-destructive package leak testing equipment will eliminate money wasted on testing products and operation time is optimized.

Save Costly Product for Accepted Packaging Only

Filling a defective package with expensive materials only to find out later that the package is not properly sealed is against the interests of the company. Using non-destructive package leak testing to inspecting packaging materials, rather than just the finished package, can simplify the testing process and prevent the costly damage of brand name.

SealTick® TSE608X Flexible Package Integrity Leak Tester is a non-destructive and tool-less Leak Detector for a wide range of packages in various weights, sizes and shapes.

Sealtick® leak testing systems can be shipped to any destinations around the world. To learn more about the non-destructive package leak testing products that we offer, contact us on 03 9540 5100.