Coca-Cola South Pacific launches Glaceau Fruitdropwater

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 28th September 2016

Coca-Cola South Pacific has launched a new Glaceau branded water exclusively for the Australian market.

‘Glaceau Fruitdropwater’ is a low-kilojoule flavoured sparkling spring water available in three flavour options – raspberry apple, pomegranate pear and cranberry lime.

The new Glaceau drink comes only a few months after Coca-Cola South Pacific first made Glaceau Smartwater available in Australia.

Glaceau Fruitdropwater contains a 4 per cent mixture of fruit juice, sugar and natural flavour. The beverage is aimed at health conscious females aged 30 and above. Its launch will be supported by a media campaign with a strong out-of-home presence along with in store promotion.

Gloria Young, Brand Manager of Glaceau, said the fruitdrop beverage is an exciting new product specifically designed for an Australian audience.

“Research tells us that female water drinkers look for refreshing alternatives when it comes to their drinking repertoire and we have found ‘low kilojoule’ products resonate well with this audience,” she said.

“Glaceau fruitdropwater was designed with this in mind and we are confident it will be well received with the aim of driving category growth.”

Glaceau Fruitdropwater will be sold in 500ml and 1.25 litre varieties available from IGA and 7-Eleven stores.