Coca-Cola Ginger limited edition a value-adding sales stimulant

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 31st October 2016

Coca-Cola South Pacific has today announced the world premiere of its new limited edition flavour, Coca-Cola Ginger, to spearhead the first phase of the brand’s Summer campaign.

Marina Rocha, Coca-Cola South Pacific Group Marketing Manager, said: “We are excited to unveil Coca-Cola Ginger first here in Australia. This summer our focus is on helping Aussies make those special moments even more enjoyable and the launch of Coca-Cola Ginger is the first step towards this goal.”

Converting lapsed Coca-Cola drinkers

The refreshing ginger twist on the classic Coke taste is aimed at enticing back lapsed Coca-Cola drinkers and attracting more Coke drinkers who are presently only occasional Coke consumers.

Marketing activity for the new product will be primarily driven via the brand’s own social and influencer channels to target young adults, disrupt the market, drive taste reappraisal across the entire Coke range, build brand awareness and elevate purchase consideration.

Consumer insights lead the way

Consumer research shows that there exists a high level of crossover between cola and ginger shoppers with almost 70 per cent of ginger beer and ale shoppers also purchasing a cola product.

The market share for ginger flavoured carbonated drinks in Australia is AUD $80 million and growing.

Distinctive packaging

The packaging for Coca-Cola Ginger will be distinct, with premium gold used throughout the labels and bottle caps to both highlight the exclusivity of the product and also to differentiate it from the core Coke range.


Limited edition packs will be available from late October 2016 through Summer 2016/2017.

Editor’s note: Interestingly, the growing popularity of ginger-tasting beverages has also played a big role in the revival of another business, Buderim Ginger, which is not a Coca-Cola brand.


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