Aussies drinking far less cordial, Roy Morgan Research

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 6th March 2017

Australians are drinking far less cordial today than they did in 2009 says Roy Morgan Research.

According to its latest data, in 2009 almost 35 per cent of Australians, 14 and older, drank cordial at least once a month. By 2016, this number had fallen to 26 per cent or 5.2 million people.

The drop in cordial drinkers coincides with another recent trend of beverage producers trying to target adults with ‘flavoured waters’, ‘water enhancers’ and ‘mixers’ rather than target children with traditional cordial.

Australian Food News has written about this trend here.

Consumption of top 6 cordial brands: 2009 vs 2016

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), Jan-Dec 2009 (n=18,916) and Jan-Dec 2016 (n=14,330).


Different states, different tastes

Bickford’s home state of South Australia drinks the most of its cordial with four in every ten people consuming the brand.

Golden Circle, which originated out of Queensland, is also consumed heavily by its home state, with 26.9 per cent of Queensland cordial drinkers choosing Golden Circle.

The move away from cordials, soft drinks and fruit juices

Norman Morris, Industry Communications Director at Roy Morgan Research, said like similar downturns in fruit juice and soft drinks, the latest data shows a gradual move away from cordial.

With stories about how much sugar Australians consume frequently in the news, a growing awareness of cordial’s high sugar content may be one reason for this downturn,” Morris said.


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