Concern over Bakers Delight school lunch ad

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 8th March 2017

A Bakers Delight ad has been taken down following concern it encouraged children to eat “lolly’s on bread” for school lunch.

The billboard advertisement in question had imagery of Bakers Delights’ “mini finger buns” with icing and Mini M&M’s on top and its savoury scroll. The ad included text which said “School lunches? Problem solved”.

In a submission to the Advertising Standard’s Board (ASB), a member of the public called the “advertising of lolly’s on bread for school lunches” as “appalling”. The complaint continued on to say “lunch and healthy food choices is challenging enough for most families and to have this as an acceptable choice is unfathomable”.

Responding to the complaint, Bakers Delight said it was not its intention to target children with the ad and that it was instead directed at parents.

Bakers Delight further stated that no health claims were made in the ad and that in-bakery promotion position the food as a treat product.

ASB’s decision

Although the ASB decided the advertisement did not target children as the text spoke to parents packing school lunches, the Board said the ad strongly suggested the bun and scroll was a complete lunchbox solution.

“In the majority view, the Board considered this advertisement’s text and image amount to a message that is undermining the promotion of healthy balanced diets in relation to school lunches by strongly suggesting that a scroll and finger bun is a complete lunch box”.

In responding to the decision, Bakers Delight said although it was surprised by the determination, it takes the matter seriously and will no longer be continuing with the campaign.

“Bakers Delight prides itself on its vast array of healthy products on offer, made fresh every day in each and every Bakers Delight bakery throughout Australia and we are disappointed in ourselves for coming to the ASB’s attention with this campaign,” Bakers Delight said.


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