Coopers Brewery launches new craft DIY brewing extracts

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 25th November 2015

Coopers Brewery has launched a new series of DIY beer extracts in response to the growing interest in craft beer.


The extracts are being released under its Thomas Cooper label and have been designed to help DIY brewers mimic the most popular styles of craft beer.


Cooper Marketing Manager for Brewing Products, Scott Harris, said craft beer is the fastest growing sector of the beer market world-wide and DIY brewers are increasingly looking to make craft beer at home.


“This particularly applies to enthusiasts who have progressed from making basic brews to more intricate beer styles,” said Harris.


The range includes an Amber Ale, US American Pale Ale and US Indian Pale Ale, styles of beer Harris says together represent the majority of craft beers consumed.


“The range is designed to encourage experimentation by experienced DIY brewers who want to further develop the brews into their own unique craft beer styles,” said Harris.


Coopers craft DIY brewing extracts are available now at Dan Murphy stores, Big W and online through the Coopers Brewing website. Its DIY craft beer starter pack is sold for $AUD59.00.


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