Mintel predicts 5 top Chinese consumer trends for 2018

Posted by Nicholas Nakos on 1st November 2017

Market intelligence research-house Mintel predict there will be five key Chinese consumer trends to watch in 2018.

Although the findings extend to areas outside food, the food marketing opportunities are more obvious for three of the five identified trends.

The findings form part of its latest report, China Consumer Trends 2018.

Here are the five identified trends are as follows:

1. Machine learning & artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) products that can help consumers create an improved environment to work, live and shop will appeal to Chinese consumers in 2018.

Consumers will generally prefer opt-in choices and are likely to embrace machine learning if it makes their lives easier.

As people desire a seamless lifestyle, more aspects of life will be incorporated with machine learning capabilities.

Greater personalisation of these products will be available through AI and machine learning in the months and years to come according to Mintel.

2. Playful interactions

Higher levels of social stress are driving China’s younger generations to seek more informal and playful interactions in the virtual and physical world.

According to Mintel research, 63 per cent of 20-24 year olds play online games to relieve stress.

Consumers will embrace activities they can do by themselves, without the pressure of relying on people.

They are also seeking playful solutions online and offline, hat can help them to strengthen relationships with people around them.

3. A balanced lifestyle

In 2018, consumers will prioritise better quality products that offer them greater life-enhancing benefits.

Products that also offer a better balance with nature and are produced by environmentally ethical brands will be of interest to Chinese consumers.

Mintel believes that brands which demonstrate how the ethics behind their product provide benefits to consumers will tap into this growing trend.

4. Exploring one’s sense of self

Chinese consumers will become increasingly involved in creative work and choosing flexible working arrangements as well as travelling to unusual places in 2018.

As consumers’ product choices are growing, they will choose brands that help them express their individuality in a globally-connected community.

According to Mintel, more brands will offer products and services that allow consumers to enhance themselves and particularly the way they express themselves.

5. Mobile is the way forward

Chinese consumers are relying on mobile technology to support many aspects of their lives.

The speed and convenience offered by technology is behind its main appeal.

87 per cent of Chinese consumers in major cities used mobile payments in 2017, up from 69 per cent in 2016.

In the future, virtual reality and augmented reality will enter the mobile space and complement one another.

This is expected to create greater work-life efficacy and multi-tasking capability Mintel says.

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