World’s first take-home ‘Learn to Taste Coffee’ course launched in Melbourne

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 29th November 2017

ST. AlLi's Learn to Taste Coffee course

The world’s first take-home course that teaches how to taste coffee has been launched in Melbourne.

The ‘Learn to Taste Coffee’ consists of four modules which will teach students how roasting, bean quality, processing and origin all create different tasting coffee.

The course includes the same coffee beans that have been light, medium and dark roasted so students can tell the differences each type of roasting has on taste.

Melbourne based coffee producer and café, ST. ALi, created the course that it is now offering online.

A full course pack is available for purchase for AUD $199.00 and includes cupping bowls, cupping spoon, hand grinder, digital scapes, clever dripper, filter papers, 12x50g module coffees, 250g of single origin coffee, a learn to taste Coffee booklet and links to video classes.

For those who already have coffee brewing equipment, an AUD $120 version of the course is available with module coffees, cupping kit and a bag of single origin coffee.

The course is available now online through


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