Allen’s and Peters partner again for new lolly range

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 9th April 2018

The new Allen's Lollies inspired by Peters Ice Cream

Allen’s Lollies and Peter’s Ice Cream have partnered again, this time for an ice cream inspired lolly range.

The new range includes ‘Allen’s inspired by Peters Frosty Fruits’ with tropical, watermelon & pineapple and orange & grapefruit flavours. It also includes Allen’s inspired by Peters Drumstick with vanilla, chocolate and boysenberry.

Both Allen’s and Peters are brands originating from Australia but are today under foreign ownership. Allen’s is owned by Nestle and Peters is owned by UK ice cream producer, R&R.

Nestle General Manager of Confectionery, Martin Brown, said the experts at Allen’s have worked tirelessly to bring the flavours of Peters ice cream to the confectionery aisle.

“Allen’s and Peters are both iconic brands that ignite fond memories for Aussies, from childhood moments of fun, to summers at the beach and road-trips with friends,” Brown said.

“We hope that this new range will bring a smile to people’s faces and can’t wait to see how they embrace the range – whether they eat them like the originals, bite the tops off or eat each lolly whole in one delicious bite.”

Peter’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Emma-Jane Collins, said Peters is just as excited about the collaboration as Allen’s.

“We love that the new Allen’s inspired by Peters lollies are a great representation of our existing ice cream products and are true to their flavour delivery,” Collins said.

Allen’s inspired by Peter’s Frosty Fruits and Allen’s inspired by Peters Drumstick are available now in 170g packets at Australian supermarkets and convenience stores. The recommended retail price is AUD $2.99 per 170g serving.


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