Coca-Cola and illycaffé to provide ready-to-drink coffee

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 5th May 2008

The world’s largest beverage company, the Coca-Cola Company, has combined with premium coffee producer illycaffé to produce ready-to-drink coffee beverages. The new beverages were released in ten European countries last month and additional countries in Europe, Asia, North America, Eurasia and the Pacific are slated for expansion throughout the remainder of 2008 and into 2009, and will be delivered via The Coca-Cola Company system.

Through the joint venture, Ilko Coffee International, three new product offerings have been created: caffé, cappuccino and latté macchiato. The caffé beverage is reported by the companies to be the first ready-to-drink coffee beverage to offer black (no milk) espresso-based coffee.

The cappuccino option has espresso combined with milk and dark cacao and the latté drink will have a smoother espresso swirled with milk. The caffé beverage will be sold in 150ml cans and the other two products will be sold in 200ml cans.

The ready-to-drink coffee beverage industry has been growing at a strong rate for a number of years and Coca-Cola and illycaffé are seeking to capitalise and hopefully enhance the ready-to-drink coffee experience. “Our objective is to give consistency to what premium ready to drink coffee is,” said Andrea Illy, illycaffè chairman, in a joint statement. “Together we will redefine how people engage with a ready to drink coffee in order to experience a true small luxury pleasure.”

With the cola industry in decline the Coca-Cola Company have been forced to look toward other beverage options to stimulate growth. This joint venture follows recent expansion by the company within the energy and water beverage industries.