Coles to sell heat affected produce at lower prices

Posted by Isobel Drake on 5th February 2009

Coles will sell produce which has suffered cosmetic blemishes as a result of the heat, but whose eating quality is not affected, Australia’s second largest supermarket operator has advised.

Coles Fresh Produce General Manager, Peter Pokorny, said that the chain will offer the fruit and vegetables to their customers in an effort to assist growers counting their losses in response to the heatwave. “Our customers expect our stores to sell only the best quality fresh produce, and we have a loyal group of suppliers who are equally passionate about meeting that expectation,” Mr Pokorny said. “And while we don’t compromise on quality, we always try to be flexible with our growers when they are hit by such extreme conditions.”

Mr Pokorny said that the blemished produce would be highlighted by signage in stores and through press advertising, and was a win for both growers and customers. “Customers will be able to buy top quality produce at value prices, while our growers will be able to get a financial return on produce that many were intending to write off,” he noted.

“Last week was a pretty severe blow for a lot of growers and it’s great to see Coles helping its suppliers in difficult times,” broccoli and lettuce supplier, John Said, noted. “We’d encourage Coles shoppers to look past the cosmetic blemishes and take the chance to get great quality produce at value prices – and help out local growers in the process.”