Sushi safety continues to improve

Posted by Editorial on 27th August 2009

A Food Authority survey of sushi outlets in NSW has found Sushi safety standards the highest they have been in years.

“The survey found that 98 per cent of products were microbiologically safe, and none of the samples presented any risk to human health,” NSW Primary Industries Minister, Ian Macdonald, advised. “This is good news for Sushi lovers and shows the Government initiative to develop industry safety guidelines in 2007 has paid dividends.”

“Many of the ingredients in sushi can present a health risk because they are raw … That is why the Authority has developed a multilingual safety guideline for sushi retailers and is working closely with local councils to conduct regular monitoring surveys.”

The latest survey involved 87 sushi samples randomly selected from NSW outlets.

Three samples were found to have small traces of the potentially harmful Listeria monocytogenes bacteria, but were not a risk to human health and local councils took appropriate remedial action. All others were clear of any potentially harmful bacteria.

Mr Macdonald said regular surveys were part of an on-going initiative to consolidate the high safety standards of sushi in NSW.

Results of sushi safety surveys in the last three years are:

* 2009 NSW only – 87 samples from 15 shops – 98.3% acceptable
* 2008 national – 1000 samples from 89 shops – 97.1% acceptable
* 2007 NSW only – 330 samples from 46 shops – 97.3% acceptable