Striking Woolworths employees review latest offer

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 4th November 2010

Striking Woolworths employeesWoolworths employees from the Broadmeadows distribution warehouse in Melbourne are meeting to consider the company’s latest pay offer, after a conditional pay offer prompted a strike last Friday.

The National Union of Workers said that the previous 3% pay rise offered to its Broadmeadows employees by the company required them to give up basic rights and conditions.

“Woolworths is demanding workers give up entitlements such as penalty rates, shift loadings and breaks, and is stripping away current protections for permanent workers,” said NUW Organiser Belinda Jacobi.

“The company is also trying to force workers to work later hours to the detriment of their families. This is a fight for respect, fairness and job security.”

Jacobi said the company’s offer would cut some workers pay by up to $324 per week.

“Woolworths posted a record $2 billion profit this year and the company’s CEO received a $500,000 wage increase, yet the workers are forced to go backwards,” she said.

Woolworths told AAP on Friday that they were managing well without their Broadmeadows warehouse, using warehouses in Adelaide, Wodonga and Sydney to supplie Melbourne outlets.

“We’re using other distribution facilities to do the logistics and it’s working really well,” a company spokeswoman told AAP. “There’s absolutely no impact on any deliveries.”

The workers were still considering the latest offer from Woolworths at time of press.