The Coffee Club declares Sydney Australia’s biggest coffee drinkers

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 18th March 2011

Cafe chain The Coffee Club has declared Sydneysiders Australia’s coffee consumption champions, with research revealing more than one in four of the city’s adult population visit cafes 4-7 times per week.

The research was undertaken by Nielsen on behalf of The Coffee Club, and clearly shows Sydney is host to Australia’s highest rate of coffee consumption.

Kevin El-Hassan from Hurstville, Sydney, enjoys up to four cups of coffee daily and visits coffee outlets at least ten times per week.

“It’s an accompaniment to breakfast in the morning and a kick-starter in the afternoon — it’s a crucial part of anyone’s day,” El-Hassan said.

El-Hassan said he believes Sydney’s obsession with coffee is real: “It is part of the social fabric; you meet for coffee, not meet and have coffee.”

Overall, 76 per cent of adult Australians visit cafés at least once a month, with only 11 per cent declaring they never visit.

Sydney is at the forefront of Australia’s deepening coffee culture with more than three in five Sydneysiders visit a cafe at least once a week, with only 9 per cent of residents never visiting a cafe.

In second place was Melbourne, with one in five of Melbournians visiting cafés 4-7 times per week for their coffee. Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth visit cafés less frequently with slightly more than one in eight visiting 4-7 times per week.

This culture trend is set to continue, with a recent study forecasting Australian coffee sales will hit almost $800 million in 2013.

According to The Coffee Club Chief Executive Officer, James Nixon-Smith, the Franchise’s further expansion into the New South Wales region will compliment Sydneysiders discerning taste in coffee.

“This year, we will infuse Sydney with more of The Coffee Club café experience. We plan to open 30 new outlets in New South Wales over the next 12 months,” Mr Nixon-Smith said.

“In particular, we want to cater for Sydney’s undeniable thirst for quality coffee.

“Sydney’s coffee obsession is plain to be seen, and The Coffee Club is delighted to be able to give the people of Sydney exactly what they want,” he said.