Tetra Pak in recycling partnership with LoveNZ

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 5th June 2012

As a result of a collaboration with Tetra Pak (and other stakeholders including Coca Cola, BP and Visy Recycling), a recent public-place recycling system, LoveNZ, has expanded to include cartons and cups.

Established in September 2011, to provide a means of recycling cans and bottles during the Rugby World Cup, LoveNZ aims to reduce waste through better recycling awareness and strategically placed public recycling bins – a first for New Zealand. They have the support of the New Zealand Government, as well as local councils businesses and corporate sponsors.

Working closely with Tetra Pak, LoveNZ, announced yesterday (4 July 2012) their expansion to include cartons and cups.

Currently, around 384 million paper based containers are consumed every year in New Zealand. While cartons are collected via kerbside systems in several regions of New Zealand, until now there has been no opportunity to recycle cartons and cups in public places.

Once the cartons and cups are collected, they are baled and shipped to recycling mills in Australia, India and Korea. They are then soaked in water to separate the paper from the plastic and aluminium layers, and the content is turned into products like cardboard boxes toilet paper, tissue and notebooks. The separated aluminium foil can be made into roof tiles and plastic pots, or gasified to make energy.