Starbucks think outside the square on smart-phone payment system

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 15th October 2012

US-based coffee chain Starbucks has announced the implementation of a mobile payment solution known as ‘Square Wallet’ in stores across the USA from November 2012.

‘Square Wallet’, similar to other smart-phone payment apps, allows the user to pay directly by tapping their phone at any Starbucks store. ‘Square Wallet’ will also allow digital tipping in the months following its release, simply by linking a credit card to the account.

Initially the program will run by scanning a bar code on the consumer’s phone; however, there are already plans by Starbucks for development to utilise GPS to advance the process. Starbucks has announced that, in time, consumers’ iPhone or Android will be detected as they enter a store, having only to provide their name to a cashier to pay.

The joint venture with US company Square is said to save costs on Starbucks current smart-phone app, which has reported 70 Million mobile payment transactions since its launch in January 2011.

Smart phone payment apps and ordering systems have been launched by various companies around the world including the ‘NoQ’ coffee ordering app in Adelaide, as reported by Australian Food News earlier this year.