Muffin Break cuts the cost of soy milk in nationwide campaign

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 18th February 2013

Muffin Break Australia has launched a new campaign that is absorbing the cost of soy milk, typically charged at an additional 60 cents per cup of coffee.

The “no extra charge for soy” campaign was instigated after a Woolcott Research survey, which was commissioned by Muffin Break, found that one in four Australians would switch to soy milk if not for the excess charge.

The research also found that while a quarter of consumers drink soy milk coffee for “trend” reasons, 64 per cent of consumers drink soy milk due to their dietary requirements. Growing numbers of coffee consumers in Australia have dietary concerns that involve dairy including lactose intolerance and milk allergy.

Muffin Break National Brand Manager, John Macphail said that “no extra charge for soy” campaign meant that consumers would not have to pay extra due to dietary needs.

“Some may say the industry-standard soy milk surcharge is justified given the cost of soy in comparison to regular milk, but the undeniably-existent frustration of having no option but to pay more for soy coffee – especially when non-soy milk isn’t an option for health reasons – is just as understandable,” Mr Macphail said.

Coffee currently accounts for 50 per cent of Muffin Break’s total sales and more than 70,000 units of soy-based milk products were sold by Muffin Break in 2012.

Muffin Break has commenced its "no extra charge for soy" campaign.