Food packaging lid that doubles as a toy

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 13th March 2013

Remember the days back in the 1960s when Coca Cola bottle-tops in Australia each had the etching of a footballer’s face photo image under the cork, and kids collected and swapped lids of their favourite footy heroes or favourite teams?

Well, global food packaging giant, Gualapack, has released a new packaging closure, called BrickCap, which becomes a child’s toy once it’s no longer needed as a lid.

“What makes BrickCap really special is its function as a toy,” said the company.

“After use, BrickCap magically transforms itself into a building block game; children can build 3D objects, starting from just using a few BrickCaps right up to using hundred, the only limit being the child’s imagination,” said the company.

Gualapack says the new cap offers a “defining standard in environmental sustainability, because the closure isn’t thrown away with the rest of the packaging but takes on a new function”

The Italian company, which was founded in Alessandria in 1986, began producing ‘flexible packaging’ in 1989, and supplies the food ‘pouches’ and separate caps to manufacturers of baby food, fruit purees and snacks, yoghurts and dairy snacks, sauces and condiments, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and health and beauty supplies. Its major product is the ‘Cheerpack’.

Australian Food News comments that packaging closures being used for games or other secondary uses will create further marketing opportunities.