Sharp Australia launches new “Slow Juicer”

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 10th February 2014
Sharp Australia launches new "Slow Juicer"

Kitchen appliance manufacturer Sharp Australia has launched the Sharp Slow Juicer — the Company’s first “slow” juicer, and part of the new Sharp Australia small appliance range.

Sharp Australia said the new juicer uses a “slow squeezing method to achieve high extraction of nutritional juice” from various fruits and vegetables, producing juice and pulp that can be reused for cooking.

The Company said the new juicer uses the “slow extraction method” to separate the juice from the pulp. This process helps to “prevent juice separation and oxidation, and helps to preserve the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes of the fruit and vegetables”, according to Sharp Australia.

“The Slow Juicer is perfect for health conscious households, devoted juice lovers, allergy sufferers or anyone looking to boost their daily intake of fruit and vegetables in a deliciously simple way,” said Mark Beard, National Marketing Manager, Sharp Australia.

“This product is sure to change the way people think about juicing,” Mr Beard said. “There is now a simpler, healthier way to juice just about anything this summer. Whip up anything from a traditional carrot and apple juice, to a more adventurous spinach and kale juice,” he said.

Sharp Australia said the new juicer is also simple to use. While some slow juicers have three or more parts to put together inside the drum, the Sharp Slow Juicer has only one, which the Company said means it takes up less bench or cupboard space in the home.

The juicer’s automatic safety lock and safety sensor automatically stop the juicer if the hopper is opened or the system is clogged, and the spout’s safe structure avoids any possible injury while operating, according to Sharp Australia.

Available in red, or white and silver, the juicer comes with a juice cup, pulp cup, cleaning brush, juice outlet cap and recipe booklet.