Whole Kids launches “Fruity Water” from ‘pre-diluted organic fruit juice’

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 3rd March 2014
Whole Kids Fruity Water Organic Apple and Raspberry

Australian organic snack company Whole Kids has launched a drink made from “pre-diluted organic fruit juice”. The Company claims that the product has “one of the lowest sugar contents on the beverage market”.

Whole Kids Organic Apple and Raspberry Fruity Water is a mix of 70 per cent juice and 30 per cent spring water. Whole Kids said the new product was developed to meet recommendations by leading Australian dietitians, who advised parents to ‘water down’ fruit juice before giving it to young children.

Because the juice is not made from concentrates, the Company said its product also meets a new set of consumers who were looking for ‘no-added-sugar’ products.

Whole Kids said the Fruity Water “contains no artificial sweeteners, cane sugar, concentrates or reconstituted fruit — just real fruit and water”.

“Many parents are looking for a range of juices that cater for different ages, as often it is recommended to dilute pure juice with water for younger children,” said Monica Meldrum, Whole Kids co-founder.

The Fruity Water comes in a 200ml tetra pack designed to fit “perfectly in school lunchboxes, as well as little hands”. The product has a 12-month ambient shelf life and is free from preservatives.

Whole Kids Organic Apple and Raspberry Fruity Water is available in gourmet grocery stores Thomas Dux, selected Woolworths stores and IGA supermarkets, Caltex, 7-Eleven, selected independent grocers, health food stores, school canteens and hospitals, for RRP $2.50 for 200ml.

The Fruity Water joins Whole Kids’ range of 22 certified organic, “additive-free, allergen-friendly” snack foods for children. The range includes organic corn chips, popcorn, sultanas, fruit bars and juice.

Whole Kids was formed in 2005 by Monica and James Meldrum, and now sells more than 1.5 million kids’ health food products each year through IGA supermarkets, Woolworths, Caltex, BP, 7-Eleven, school canteens and hospitals.