Bonne Maman introduces Golden Plum Conserve to Australia

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 9th April 2014
Bonne Maman's Golden Plum conserve

Jam and conserve manufacturer Bonne Maman has introduced its Golden Plum Mirabelle conserve, made from yellow plums grown exclusively in the Lorraine region of France, to the Australian market.

Bonne Maman said the conserve is “sweet and full of all natural flavour”, and is made from “100 per cent all-natural ingredients”, with “no artificial colouring, flavouring or high fructose corn syrup”. The Company said the conserve could be enjoyed directly on toast or croissants, or in savoury-and-sweet dishes, such as dips.

Bonne Maman said plums from Lorraine have a Protected Geographical Indication that an annual regional festival celebrates the fruit with music, fireworks and parties.

Bonne Maman conserves are produced in the French village of Briars and the full range of 15 flavours is  available in leading independent supermarkets across Australia. The brand is distributed in Australia by Menora Foods.

The new Golden Plum Mirabelle Conserve is available for RRP $4.99.