Hemp ‘chillaxation’ drink launches in the US

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 7th July 2014
BeBevCo has launched a Hemp ‘chillaxation’ drink in the US
BeBevCo has launched a Hemp ‘chillaxation’ drink in the US

US-based relaxation and beverage company Bebida Beverage Company (BeBevCo) has teamed up with 1980s comedy duo Cheech and Chong to launch a ‘chillaxation’ drink in the US that contains hemp.

BeBevCo has launched the Cheech and Chong Chillaxation drink through its partially owned subsidiary, Relaxations Solutions Inc.

BeBevCo develops manufactures and markets liquid relaxation products in the US, including KOMA Unwind “Liquid Relaxation”, KOMA Unwind Sugar-free “Liquid Relaxation” and KOMA Unwind “Liquid Relaxation” Shot as well as POTENCIA Energy, POTENCIA “BLAST” energy shot, Relax 5 shots and Piranha Water.

The new ‘chillaxation’ drink comes as BeBevCo reports growing success with its KOMA Unwind Liquid Relaxation, and Relaxation Solutions Inc.’s recent announcement of the first mass produced Cheech and Chong Nice Dreams Relaxation Ice Cream.

“We are so excited to bring the Cheech and Chong brand to a Chillaxation drink,” said Brian Weber, BeBevCo CEO. “The drink will use natural supplements, natural flavors and sweeteners as well as a dose of Hemp,” he said.

“We feel as a company we are now rounded off in our products,” Mr Weber said. “Cheech and Chong Chillaxation drink will be more of a head-to-head competitor to the popular Marley’s Mellow Mood demographic, whereas the demographic of our premium KOMA Unwind product is more mainstream of those looking to relax, reduce stress or sleep better,” he said.

Daisy Ramirez, BeBevCo chief operating officer said the market trends suggested another relaxation product was the way to go. She said the power of the Cheech and Chong brand and the Company’s presence in the Liquid Relaxation drinks category made the decision to develop the new drink easy.

“The shareholders we have that understand the mission and know our team have been amazingly supportive,” Ms Ramirez said. “They are as confident as we are that Bebida Beverage Company can have global sales in the hundreds of millions  in the not too distant future, ” she said.

Relaxation drinks in Australia

While there have been no beverages released in Australia containing hemp, the relaxation drinks category in Australia has seen some growth. Australian Food News reported in October 2013 that Melbourne-based beverage manufacturer Rockwell Beverage had released a range of sparkling relaxation drinks called Everyday Sunday, while in July 2013, Australian Food News reported that Queensland-based beverages company Koala Karma had launched a “chill out” drink in Australia.