Coca-Cola celebrates its new small can by adding a splash of colour

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 1st December 2014
Coca-Cola celebrates its new small can by adding a splash of colour
Coca-Cola celebrates its new small can by adding a splash of colour

Global beverage giant Coca-Cola has launched a limited edition range of 250ml cans of different colours to celebrate the arrival of the new slimline small Coca-Cola can.

The coloured cans will be the first packaging change for Coca-Cola in Australia since the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign.

The multimillion dollar #colouryoursummer campaign will be rolled out across multiple marketing channels including Out Of Home (OOH), Digital, POS, Cinema, PR, Experiential and Social media.

Coca-Cola South Pacific said the campaign, which includes a combination of crowd sourced (via our 1 million + fans on Facebook) pop up #colouryoursummer cans installations, OOH panels dispensing icy cold COKE, painted murals of the OOH creative, 15” pieces of snackable video content, digital spectaculars that transform into interactive games and online influencer engagement was designed to make the most of social media.

The new campaign hit Australian streets in November 2014. It includes a nationwide Out Of Home campaign, which the Company said would target a mixture of larger and smaller formats “bringing colour to Australia’s major cities”. Coca-Cola South Pacific said the locations of each installation had been specifically chosen to “drive engagement with the campaign and will feature consecutive placements to create impact and highlight the multiple colours”.

“The #colouryoursummer campaign is one of the most innovative and disruptive campaigns that we have ever undertaken, we know that people love to express their individuality and we believe that the five limited edition colours will increase the desirability of our 250ml slimline Coke and Coke Zero cans,” said Antoinette Tyrrell, Marketing Manager Coca-Cola South Pacific.

“The 250ml pack size provides Australians with a perfect serve of their favourite beverage from the Coca-Cola range,” Ms Tyrrell said. “Priced at a maximum of $2, the 250ml can is proving to be popular with consumers this summer,” she said.

The 250ml can, launched in August 2014, is available nationwide in convenience stores and supermarkets chillers. The five new coloured 250ml Coca-Cola cans will be available nationwide from November 2014.

In July 2013, Coca-Cola South Pacific made four business commitments to help address the issue of obesity in Australia. One of these commitments was to increase the availability of smaller portion sizes. Coca-Cola South Pacific said the new 250ml can “supports this commitment by offering a small pack size in immediate consumption channels”.