Coles launches new own-brand ‘super grain’ teff

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 8th April 2015
Coles launches new own-brand ‘super grain’ teff
Coles launches new own-brand ‘super grain’ teff

Australian supermarket giant Coles has launched a new ‘super grain’ product, teff, under its own label.

Coles said the teff grain, which originated in Ethiopia, is “rich in calcium, iron and protein” and is “naturally gluten free”. Teff is now grown in many parts of the world including USA, South Africa, Netherlands, Canada, France and Israel.

Coles will become the largest stockist in Australia of the ingredient, which it said could be substituted for wheat flour and be used to make breads, pasta, and pancakes or added to salads whole.

Coles said teff’s tiny seeds, the size of poppy seeds, are “rich in essential nutrients including protein, calcium, iron and bone­-boosting silica”. It said teff also “contains vitamin C, which is unique for grains, and is high in resistant starch, a dietary fibre that supports blood sugar levels, weight control and colon health”.

“At Coles we’ve seen our customers continue to turn to healthier options and in response, we are constantly reviewing our health food range to offer customers new products and choices,” said Alex Freudmann, Coles General Manager Grocery. “Teff is seeing a rise in popularity and demand due to its numerous health benefits, so we’re really excited to introduce teff to our health food aisles nationwide,” he said.

Coles said the teff grain could be cooked for 20 minutes – at the ratio of one cup of teff to three cups of water.

Coles Brand Brown Teff Grain 500g is now available in Coles health food aisles or online at nationwide, RRP $10.99.