Non-contact measurement for vacuum integrity of cans, jars, and bottles

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 13th April 2015

After preserving jars are filled and closed they must be vacuum-tested in fully automatic operation to immediately sort out any defective containers. During transport of the jars an eddy-current sensor scans the lid shape that is generated by the vacuum in a non-contacting way. The subsequent electronic unit calculates lid bending, which directly depends on the internal pressure, with high accuracy. After comparing this value with a specified permissible value range a decision is made about the quality of the internal pressure and thus about the tightness of the preserves container.

Reasons for choosing the system:

  • Fully-automatic, non-contacting vacuum test
  • Optimum adaptation to the production process
  • Almost unlimited service life without system disturbances
  • Environmental influences such as moisture, pungent vapours (vinegar) in the field of wet and sticky food, and temperature fluctuations must not influence the function of the system
  • Counter for total throughput and for the number of ejected glasses

The Micro-Epsilon Eddy Current sensors from Bestech Australia are water proof with 3m cable and light barrier to detect cans without lid or tilted cans.

For more application details or discuss your special requirements, please contact Bestech Australia.