Reduce wastage, lower costs and increase efficiency in your warehouse

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 4th June 2015

Endeavour Solutions Australia with Greentree4 Inventory Management

Greentree4 Inventory Management offers the latest in managing your warehouse requirements. This flexible system is designed to streamline your business processes and offer intelligent solutions for warehousing your stock all while offering no barriers to the core financials to ensure your business is as efficient as possible. greentree4

Two exciting aspects we are featuring today are designed to improve your bottom line by reducing wastage. ‘Warehouse Bin Management’ works by giving intelligent selections made by the system to place and pick goods in your warehouse. These features include; ‘automatic bin replenishment’ ensures inventory items are always in the right place at the right time, organise bin locations by assigning codes reflecting the physical layout of your warehouse to make optimal use of storage, define bin types, storage profiles and capacity limits. All this results in a general reduction in time taken to locate stock and quick inventory item counts during stocktake.

‘Serial/Lot Tracking’ can be applied in a manner best suited to your business. In the case of perishable stock with best-before dates these can be added and tracked in the system with associated alerts generated to warn staff before any item is beyond its selling date.

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