Costco expansion continues in Australia, 3 new stores imminent

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 11th January 2016

CostcoGiant US wholesaler and food retailer Costco will soon be opening another three new Australian stores as it hunts for more store locations across the country.


The three new already confirmed stores will be located in Melbourne, Brisbane and Marsden Park (approximately 50 km outside of Sydney). Managing Director for Costco Australia, Patrick Noone, told television program A Current Affair that other future stores could be located in more regional parts of Australia including Newcastle and Wollongong in NSW.


“In Melbourne (we are searching for) maybe four or five, Sydney maybe four or five buildings,” Noone said.


“The second-tier cities, Newcastle and Wollongong and Darwin and those places. They’re the places for the next growth, for sure.”


Costco’s three new stores will bring the wholesaler’s total Australian store count to 11.


The existing Costco stores are located in Kilburn (Adelaide), North Lakes (Brisbane), Crossroads (Sydney), Auburn (Sydney), Majura Park (Canberra), Moorabbin (Melbourne) and Ringwood (Melbourne) and Docklands (Melbourne) which was its first Australian store and started operating in 2009.


Costco has been operating in the US since 1976. In order to shop at Costco a membership is required. The fee is currently AUD$60.00 per year.