Package integrity validation is growing in demand

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 9th May 2016

Package integrity validation technology addresses the growing needs of customers to validate package integrity prior to food packing. To ensure seal integrity and quality control, products that come off the packaging line should undergo regular testing by using package leak detection equipment.

Package Integrity ValidationTSE6081b_Trolley version

Vacuum decaytechnology is used in order to detect a variety of package integrity concerns, such as leaks, seal contamination, pin-holes, and other issues.

Package integrity validation offers many benefits including:

  • High reliability
  • The ability to be used in sanitary environments
  • Easy operation

With the development of package integrity validation, food processors can save on costs and improve quality control processes.

Easy Integration

Package integrity validation can be easily integrated into existing processes. Rejected packages can be removed from the packing system while good packages go back to product line.

Package inspection is typically done by a pass or fail test result. However, statistical information can also be gathered by the process in order to determine trends. This statistical data can then be used to make online or offline improvements to the packaging process.

In addition, the package leak detection methods use non­destructive testing method so that products can be returned to the packing line if it passes the test. Using non­destructive packaging leak testing is the best option for customers to help reduce waste from the testing process.

Available for a Variety of Packaging Types

In the beginning, the focus was placed on only certain types of food products. However, now package integrity validation is being used for many vacuum formed package formats. Meat, poultry, dairy, snack and bakery product packaging can all be tested for package leaks at high speeds. SealTick can you solve your food packing integrity needs. With over 30 years of experience, SealTick is the leading supplier of leak tester equipment for food package validation. To learn more about the products that we offer, please visit or contact us on 03 9540 5100.