IGA launches new tool in the war against food waste

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 17th October 2019

IGA announced the launch of IGA Food Waste Calculator, a tool which helps Australian shoppers understand the impact of their wasted food on resources including money, water and energy, in partnership with the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (EPA).

The average Aussie household throws out 345kg of waste per year, equating to $3600 of food thrown away every year– that would pay off 21 months of your electricity bill.* Despite this wastage, there are still people across the country and world who don’t have access to basic, required nutritional needs. Many Australian households are not consciously aware of the effect food waste has on the environment as well as money in the bank.

The IGA Food Waste Calculator is an easy, interactive tool to help you understand the true cost of wasting food. The calculator provides an estimate of the total impact of a product across the metrics of cost, energy and water consumption.

Click here to try the calculator, or here for more information about it.