Food And Grocery Companies Increase Training

Posted by Josette Dunn on 24th March 2010

Research published recently by international food and grocery expert IGD, has found that 80% of food manufacturers and retailers expect to increase their training and development budget per head over the next ten years.The research was unveiled by Joanne Denney-Finch, Chief Executive, IGD, at the Employment and Skills Summit in London. Other findings from the research include:One fifth (19%) of companies expect their training and development budget to increase by more than 25%’Leadership’ was a top priority for over half (55%) of the companies questioned, when asked what the key areas were for skills development in their businessesWhen asked to predict how the balance of in-house versus externally delivered training will have changed by 2020, answers were evenly split between ‘more in-house’ (32%), ‘no change’ (30%), and ‘more external’ (32%)Joanne Denney-Finch, Chief Executive, IGD comments: “Food is the largest manufacturing industry. In Britain, the food industry is truly world class. It is recognised in every country as a centre of excellence for its operating standards, consumer focus and pace of innovation. Along the chain, we employ 3.6m people – that’s one in seven of the workforce.”Even in tough times, it’s crucial for companies to keep investing in skills and harness the talent and energy of a new generation. This will be an exceptionally challenging decade and the future is in our hands.”