Australian food innovation award winners announced

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 29th May 2013

The Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology (AIFST) has announced the winners of its merit and innovation awards ahead of its annual AIFST Convention.

The 46th Annual AIFST Convention is to be held in Brisbane 14-16 July 2013.

Ian Brown wins Farrer Award

The Keith Farrer Award of Merit, which acknowledges achievement in food science and technology, and contribution to further the aims of the AIFST’s objectives, has been awarded to Professor Ian Brown.

Professor Brown’s 32-year career spans technical and commercial roles across the cereal, ingredient, food and nutrition industries both internationally and locally. Among his achievements is the successful commercialisation of food and nutritional ingredients including ‘Hi-Maize’, which AIFST says is the “world’s first commercial source of resistant starch”.

Professor Brown is currently CEO and Managing Director of the Australian publicly listed company Clover Corporation, which under his leadership has experienced an increase in profits from $465,000 to $4.4 million. Professor Brown is also a Special Visiting Professor at the University of Colorado and an Adjunct Professor at Flinders University in South Australia.

“It is unique in the food sector to see an individual that holds full-time senior industry positions with such an impressive scientific record of published papers, book chapters and keynote presentations,” said Jo Davey, President of AIFST. “Additionally, he has also been awarded a PhD by one of Japan’s leading universities and is listed on 24 patents. Professor Brown has a long list of truly outstanding achievements,” she said.

Food Industry Innovation Award for functional ingredients that extend shelf life

The Food Industry Innovation Award, which is judged on the significance of a new development that has achieved commercial application, has been awarded to Australian Functional Ingredients Pty Ltd for the development of a ‘natural’ antimicrobial product called ‘Herbal-Active’. Well-known Australian agri-innovator Vic Cherikoff is Business Manager of the Company.

‘Herbal-Active’ is a natural and tasteless ingredient sanitiser made of a combination of essential oils and extracts from culinary herbs. Australian Functional Ingredients Pty Ltd says the product can “extend the shelf life of fresh produce up to 10 times, reduce the need for fungicides post-harvest, sanitise fruits and vegetables prior to juicing and replace chemical sanitisers in washes for hands, surfaces and equipment”. The Company said that ‘Herbal-Active’ can also be used in many foods and beverages instead of a selection of preservatives.

“We applaud Australian Functional Ingredients on this true innovation that has such wide-ranging food industry application,” said Ms Davey. “Herbal-Active has the ability to also assist with many food security goals by reducing food waste by extending the shelf life of fresh and manufactured products and increasing food safety – a great asset to our industry,” she said.

Professor Brown and Vic Cherikoff, Australian Functional Ingredients Pty Ltd Business Manager, will be presented their awards at the AIFST Convention.